Monday, October 29, 2007

How To Use Pre-season Clothes This Season

It’s fall. I don’t know about you – but the weather changes too often when it’s fall; one minute it’s warm, the next minute it’s cold, and then the minute after that it’s windy… and we’re supposed to figure out what to wear in the midst of all this? Sure there’s the concept “layer, layer, layers” – but just how are you supposed to layer? What looks good, and what just looks tacky? Here I hope to help you out by taking some of your basics from past seasons, and making them useful for this season.

1. Your mini-dress. Mini-dress? You expect me to wear a mini-dress in fall? Yeah, well, at least when you can’t see your own breath it’s ok. The best way to pull it off: thermal stockings (or just thick ones), knee-high boots, a long cardigan that is shorter than the dress is (make sure you leave it open in the front), and a belt to bring it all together (at your natural waste, not on your hips).

2. Your favorite t-shirt. Maybe you like the bohemian look, maybe you don’t. Maybe you feel like trying it out for the day. How to pull it off: wear a long form-fitting cami underneath your t-shirt that comes down at least two inches past the bottom hem, make sure the t-shirt isn’t too form-fitted and wear it over the cami. Depending on the temperature outside, wear a long sleeve button down shirt, cardigan, or light weight jacket – leave open to show layers underneath. Wear either form-fitting or baggy pants – don’t wear anything in the middle. Ballet flats, boots with heels, and slouchy boots all work with this style. For accessories, wear several necklaces at varying lengths and bangle bracelets.

3. The spring-time dress. Easiest to pull off if it’s in a solid color, or in bold or rich colors. Grab a coat that’s just as long as the dress, possibly longer. Wear tights that aren’t exactly wintery that go with the dress, and then through on some ankle boots.

4. The summer capri. – So this one you’re more masking the look, but it’s still adorable. Make it extra cute with knee-socks and mid-calf rain boots (cute at *any* time of the year). As for a top, wear something relaxed, preferably several layers. Throw on a scarf or headband for extra flare.

5. The shorts. I know – now you think I’ve really gone crazy… Yes, shorts. Wear with thermal stockings or leggings. Put on mid-calf boots, and a chunky, loose fitting sweater, and your ready for your next big day.

The point with these styles is to make them your own, be unique; but don’t go too crazy! It’s probably not the best idea to step out in any of these when there’s snow on the ground (or when it’s so cold there should be snow on the ground). I hope these ideas got your brain juices flowing, and I hope you stand out while staying warm.

Trying to stay warm and cozy,
Andie Anderson

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How To Stay Connected When They're Far Away

I don’t know about you, but my significant other and I spend most of our relationship apart. (Many would refer to it as a “long-distance” relationship). While not everyone can handle a long distance relationship, almost all of us are inevitably separated from our special someone at some time or another. Whether it be they’re gone at school, gone on an extended business trip, it’s a long distance relationship, or even if you only get to see them about once a week; there are some adorable, cute things you can do – that aren’t too sappy, but that keep you feeling connected.

1. Write love letters. Ok, yeah, so maybe this list will get a little sappy… but it’s just a girl thing. Me and my significant other talk every night on the phone. And I’m sure when you and your significant other are separated for whatever reason, you have ways of keeping in touch; whether that be e-mail, IM, phone, or other. Often times this leaves you feeling like you may have nothing to talk about in a letter. Hence the “love” part of the letter comes in. Write about why you love them, how you feel when they’re gone, or how something you saw that day reminded you of them. Oh, and another thing, when I say letter – I mean good old fashioned snail mail. That way they can hold it, touch it, and cherish it.

2. Send them flowers. Many think that this is only the man’s job, and while generally I agree with that – it’s kinda cute to send the guy flowers too. Sure, they may not appreciate it as much, but it still has the same meaning – you were thinking of them, and you wanted to send them something to make them smile. A little twist that could help with this – there are now many places where you can send cookie bouquets; a bouquet of cookies that look like flowers: after all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

3. Send them a box. This works best if your significant other is going to be gone for at least a week. But still, these days, a box can get there in a matter of days (or you can pay extra and it’ll be there the very next day). There are multiple things you can fill a box with; one of my favorites is hand baked goodies. Yet again, the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his (or her) stomach, and this will also generally put an extra smile on their face. (You might want to make sure they have enough people where they are to share it – or they might come back with some extra weight around there middle too!) Secondly is the dollar store – yeah, a lot of the stuff at the dollar store is hockey – but if you look enough you’ll find some treasures. Then there’s the good old themed package. You can theme is around the closest holiday (ie. Valentine’s Day); something that’s special to the two of you (a place, and item, etc.); or even around why they’re gone (for college you send school supplies, for a business trip, you can send a tie and his favorite type of pen... you get the idea). Have fun with it! Mix and match the box ideas. My latest box had me waking up to this message in my voicemail: “I’m just calling to tell you I love you, and you are freakin’ amazing. *laugh* I’ll talk to you tonight!”

4. Stick to the modern day conveniences. Yeah, unique is good, but hey – they are a lot of easy ways to stay connected now. Use them in special ways though. Text them just to say you miss them. Right them an e-mail just to say how much you love them. Call them every night just to talk about how each other’s day was. Just avoid any nagging or annoyance. They’re gone for a purpose, and they need to be able to get that purpose done too.

Till Next Time,
Andie Anderson

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to Consume Several Hours (Pointlessly) Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day

I woke up this morning to (relatively) clear skies. Of course, I wake up to a radio alarm; so, not too soon after I woke up, I heard that yes, once again, it would rain today. Now I don’t know about your plans for the day. But if you were like me, it wasn’t too detrimental – you just have to walk through it to get the next place on your agenda. I send my sympathy to anyone who was planning to actually do anything outside to day; and for anyone who didn’t have to go anywhere, I envy you.

From this occurance sprung my “How to…” topic of the day: How to Consume Several Hours (Pointlessly), Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day.

1. Curl up with a good book next to a fire. We all know that this is very cliché, and hardly ever really happens; but we like to dream of it anyway. In reality, pick up a book (a *fun* book; not one work assigned you, or a self-help book) get a novel. If curling up is not exactly going to be an option, at least find a comfy spot; I recommend a lounge chair, sofa, or my personal favorite – my bed. As for the fire – very few homes (apartments, condos, studios, etc.) really have a fireplace anymore. So first, make sure you’re warm; blankets to wrap around you are perfect. If you don’t have the convenience of a fireplace (or the time to bother with setting a fire up) you can light a candle for a similar affect. To make up for the few things that keep this scenario from being the perfect cliché, I recommend throwing in chocolate to the mix.

2. Catch up on your favorite shows saved to TiVo. Yeah, I know, my list isn’t encouraging to go out there and get your aerobic activity for the day… but hey, it’s raining! You can take one day for a break. Again, I recommend warmth, blankets, and possibly chocolate.

3. Spend some time looking at your favorite websites. Fun ones! Avoid business for a while… sit back and enjoy the pleasures of life. Some of my personal favorite: Post Secret (; Lol Cats (; Good ol’ Myspace (yes, you too are still allowed to have one) (; and of course, don’t forget to check in with me! Your favorite How To girl: (

4. Read some old magazines. I don’t know about you; but I love getting magazines. I love the articles, I love the helpful information… but I never have time to finish them all the way. And if you’re also like me, you probably don’t like to throw them out until they’re fully read. So sit down and take the time to flip through those articles. Don’t feel bad to skip over the topics you really don’t care about! And think of it this way, once your done with the March 2005 issue, you have one less thing hanging around your home to clutter it!

5. Spend time with those you love. Last, but certainly not least, spend time with your loved ones. Your kids, your husband, your boyfriend, your family, and if none of these – your closest friends. Let them know they’re appreciated, make a point to learn something new about them, and just in general – love all over them.

I hope my boredom, and gloom over the rainy weather, has given you some ideas for the next day it rains; whether that’s tomorrow, a week from now, or months away. Or maybe, you can just pretend it’s raining, and take a day off to relax.

Andie Anderson

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Resident "How To..." Girl

Hey there!

It's Andie Anderson. Or well, the next best thing to her. You may remember her from How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days. She's moved on to bigger and better (and more important) things, but I'm here to make sure you don't loose out on the good old "How To..." column.

Check back regularly, I hope to update bunches! I love comments and feedback. Send me any suggestions for How To topics as well!!

Looking forward to spending time with you,
Andie Anderson