Monday, October 29, 2007

How To Use Pre-season Clothes This Season

It’s fall. I don’t know about you – but the weather changes too often when it’s fall; one minute it’s warm, the next minute it’s cold, and then the minute after that it’s windy… and we’re supposed to figure out what to wear in the midst of all this? Sure there’s the concept “layer, layer, layers” – but just how are you supposed to layer? What looks good, and what just looks tacky? Here I hope to help you out by taking some of your basics from past seasons, and making them useful for this season.

1. Your mini-dress. Mini-dress? You expect me to wear a mini-dress in fall? Yeah, well, at least when you can’t see your own breath it’s ok. The best way to pull it off: thermal stockings (or just thick ones), knee-high boots, a long cardigan that is shorter than the dress is (make sure you leave it open in the front), and a belt to bring it all together (at your natural waste, not on your hips).

2. Your favorite t-shirt. Maybe you like the bohemian look, maybe you don’t. Maybe you feel like trying it out for the day. How to pull it off: wear a long form-fitting cami underneath your t-shirt that comes down at least two inches past the bottom hem, make sure the t-shirt isn’t too form-fitted and wear it over the cami. Depending on the temperature outside, wear a long sleeve button down shirt, cardigan, or light weight jacket – leave open to show layers underneath. Wear either form-fitting or baggy pants – don’t wear anything in the middle. Ballet flats, boots with heels, and slouchy boots all work with this style. For accessories, wear several necklaces at varying lengths and bangle bracelets.

3. The spring-time dress. Easiest to pull off if it’s in a solid color, or in bold or rich colors. Grab a coat that’s just as long as the dress, possibly longer. Wear tights that aren’t exactly wintery that go with the dress, and then through on some ankle boots.

4. The summer capri. – So this one you’re more masking the look, but it’s still adorable. Make it extra cute with knee-socks and mid-calf rain boots (cute at *any* time of the year). As for a top, wear something relaxed, preferably several layers. Throw on a scarf or headband for extra flare.

5. The shorts. I know – now you think I’ve really gone crazy… Yes, shorts. Wear with thermal stockings or leggings. Put on mid-calf boots, and a chunky, loose fitting sweater, and your ready for your next big day.

The point with these styles is to make them your own, be unique; but don’t go too crazy! It’s probably not the best idea to step out in any of these when there’s snow on the ground (or when it’s so cold there should be snow on the ground). I hope these ideas got your brain juices flowing, and I hope you stand out while staying warm.

Trying to stay warm and cozy,
Andie Anderson

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